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Out of all the patterns and Amigurumi I’ve made to date, I’m pretty sure this mouse has had the biggest impact on my learning! It’s not that the mouse itself is overly complicated, but the fact that I learned that for years I had been crocheting inside out, with the wrong side facing out O_O

It all started with little Galli, here:

As much as I loved how he turned out, it still wasn’t quite what I had in mind. I also wanted his legs to be joined to the body continually without needing to be stitched on (another thing I had to learn for this pattern!), so I started experimenting.

The next mouse I didn’t take photos of for some reason (keep a lookout in this spot as I’ll update later)…I was very happy with how he turned out, and so it was then a matter of modifying the pattern here and there to make it legible for others.

So we came to Elis:

I initially thought Elis would be the final pattern for the mouse and made a testing call for him. The problem was, the testers coming back with their finished products weren’t looking quite the same…and then Robin Gray, one of my fantastic testers, opened my eyes! By creating a pattern with the wrong side facing out that meant the front/back loop only stitches were wrong for my testers crocheting the right way, as well as the mouse heads were looking a lot thinner, not as round.

Back to the drawing board, and sans cape which will be added for free on this site at a later date. I made another mouse the right side this time (again, pictures will be updated here!) and was much happier with the results. A few rows needed to be tweaked, but for the most part it was pretty solid.

And so we come to the finished product!

A blank canvas, ready for all sorts of costumes, and lots of adventures, the Mouse is done! I can’t wait to see more photos of people around the world creating this little fella. Making his debut in Issue #2 of Hook Me Up Crochet Magazine, and with his own page on this website here, I couldn’t be more excited.

Would you like to create a mouse of your very own? Click on either link below to purchase the pattern:



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  • Robin Gray

    I am so happy that I could help you, he is just adorable and I am looking forward to many more of your projects. Thank you for letting me test for you!!! A friend through the hook Robin Gray

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