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I didn’t set out to make a prehistoric bird bird. That being said, it was mighty convenient that I was in between crochet projects when I found out about the Prehistoric Times Design Contest!

My first idea was to create a prehistoric horse based on the ancient cave paintings, but I couldn’t get the initial design drawings right. I’m glad I didn’t pursue, because @Zamec_art had the exact same idea and did a much better job than I would’ve done! I love the embroidery on the side as it helps people know it’s not “just a horse.”

No, instead I decided upon a four-winged bird known as a Changyuraptor.

Wikipedia didn’t tell me too much about the birds, but the beautiful artist’s depiction reconstructing it had me sold.

So I got to work!

And finished the head and body.

Aaand that was about it.

Legs are hard. After about six attempts I put the whole project out of site and out of mind. I still had plenty of time before the contest deadline (or so I kept telling myself), and so I just decided to put it away “Until a later date.”

Prehistoric Crochet Changyuraptor Bird

That later date arrived when my husband told me I had to do nothing that day except craft so I could get past the wall I had built for myself in my head. I must’ve been driving him as crazy as I felt not working on a crafting project and having far too much time on my hands.

So I got to work…again!

A few more revisions and I had the legs, all was looking up, the clouds on my crafting muse were parting…and then the wings came into play.

Prehistoric Crochet Changyuraptor Bird

There is a lot of thought that needs to go into wings in particular. I wanted them to be able to pose and look natural as the bird wings would whether they were stretched out or folded in. This was another wall for me and once again I put the project aside for no reason but it was “Too hard.”

Once again, a mere few days before the contest deadline, my husband came to the rescue and encouraged me to finish the bird. I picked it up for the last time and hardly put it down for three days. By the time I came across another small mental wall the deadline for the contest was so close that I was able to simply push through it. I submitted it to the contest with hours to spare!

I’m so happy I finished this piece! Not only was I able to be a part of the contest (which I would’ve been kicking myself over if I simply didn’t get it in on time), but it gave me a lot of food for thought when it comes to procrastination and my craft. Starting out with a new crafting business isn’t easy, but keeping up the consistency, practicing my craft, finding my style, I can keep moving forward one crochet prehistoric bird (or the like 😀 ) at a time.

Prehistoric Crochet Changyuraptor Bird

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  • Uschi

    Wow, that looks amazing! I haven’t really had the guts to do birds yet, but one day I will do it 😉 I know this ‘Wall’ so well: something doesn’t work out right and you just lose the crojo. But I do find that putting it aside for a bit and working on something easy, seems to give you that extra little bit of imagination/push/drive to go on further.
    Keep up the good work!

    • littleseal

      Aw, thank you so much!! I’ve got another bird due in the next month or so, and very happy I’ll be able to use lessons from this one for that one too 🙂 Always good to finish a project as you don’t know how it’ll help in the future!

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